Pacific Puffin (pacificpuffin) wrote,
Pacific Puffin

Puffins Unite

The puffins have been very worried about their friends in Central Park. While it has now been confirmed that no Puffins were among those tragically lost in New York, there is sadness in the air over Central Park, and the usually tough urban puffins are still crying every day at the senselessness of it all.

Puffins do not care when they fly from US to Canadian airspace. Or UK, or Icelandic, or Norwegian, or any other nationality. Atlantic puffins don't hate Tufted puffins, nor do Horned puffins fly suicide missions into other puffins rookeries. Frankly, the puffins are at a loss to explain why their friends in New York must choke on cement dust and smoke. But even more, the New York puffins miss their human friends who would come to the park to visit them, but now will never come again.

The Puffins of the world are united in their belief that every puffin life is sacred, and that as the Creator loves all puffins, so should they. Amen.
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